Wednesday, April 13, 2011

coffee + cream

Do you drink coffee? Do you add cream? If yes to both questions, then I have another question. Why is it so hard to get the right coffee to cream ratio in my mug? You see, here’s the thing. A couple of years ago I started to drink coffee. Initially I was just fine drinking it black. No cream or sugar required. But now I really like to add cream. It just tastes so good. That is, it tastes so good when I can get it right. I don’t drink coffee everyday and when I do drink coffee it’s from different places. This is critical information because the mug or cup I’m using isn’t always the same size. Yesterday I had coffee at work and today I had a medium light roast from Caribou. Both days I added cream. Sometimes I add cream and it’s not enough and sometimes I add cream and it’s too much. Maybe I just need to practice adding cream to my coffee to obtain the perfect ratio. In the end, I like my coffee to be a dark caramel color. Not only is that the best tasting but it’s also a very pretty color. If you drink coffee and have any tips on how to consistently add the right amount of cream, please let me know. Am I the only one who faces this struggle?

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