Friday, February 27, 2009


Who wouldn't want one of these You Are Awesome posters?!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

movies on vacation

I never want to be the type of person who goes on vacation and then while on vacation goes to see a movie at a movie theater. I'm sorry, but you can see a movie at home when you have nothing else do to. Why would go see a movie when you are in a new and exciting place?

There might be an exception to this rule of 'no movies while on vacation'. If it's raining and you absolutely cannot go outside and do some exploring then maybe you could go see a movie. However, I think your time would be better spent creating a scavenger hunt in the rain and meeting strangers along the way. OR you can watch a movie while you are on vacation if you are on a plane. These are the only two exceptions.

And then, when you return from a vacation where you went to see a movie... don't let that be the first story you tell about the trip. Furthermore, don't try to tell everyone else what happened in the movie. Don't be a scene spoiler!

Monday, February 09, 2009

pretty little things.

If you have yet to discover Etsy... well, then you have been missing out. It's the place buy and sell handmade items. It's incredible.

Here are some pretty little purses I have been drooling over. The trouble is deciding which one I like best.

Then check out these necklaces!

And just when you thought you couldn't find other earrings that looked like disco balls!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Things.

Here's my list of 25 random things.... I also posted this on facebook.

1. I am always early. Always. This only means that I spend a lot of time waiting. I wish I could add up the time I spend waiting and use it for something fun.

2. I like to have plans.

3. Owning an airstream camper would be fun.

4. I don’t like to wear red.

5. I fell down a mountain at Glacier National Park. It’s still my favorite National Park and I want to go back there to camp.

6. I want to go to New York City for Thanksgiving. I want to see the parade and ice skate at Rockefeller Center.

7. I have a collection of 2 Dollar Bills. My Grandma used to send them to me for Valentine’s Day.

8. One time I drove a friend crazy with the song, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmitt. Sorry Krissy!

9. My memory is horrible. I don’t actually remember a lot from when I was little. I mostly remember things from pictures. My Mom has a really good memory.

10. I'm going on a trip to Washington, DC with about 40 other women this summer. We are taking a bus!

11. I would like to go on a bicycle trip across the United States. It would be great if I could get outside today for a ride. Is it summer yet?

12. I don’t use table salt on my food. If a recipe calls for salt I am likely to omit it completely.

13. My goals for 2009 include the word: simplify.

14. My roommate is always the big spoon.

15. I’m really excited to be an Aunt.

16. I ate meals outside this past weekend. I was in San Diego!

17. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is on the top of my list of parks to visit. It’s Kelly’s favorite park and I haven’t been there yet.

18. I like the fish fry from Ten Point Bar.

19. I have been rockin’ to Car Jams 2008 – a mix made by Leah.

20. I was born on my Grandma's birthday.

21. I like to recall the atmosphere of football practice in August: dewey grass, athletic tape, white paint, and videotaping from the roof of the equipment shed.

22. I just want to be happy.

23. I still need to find someone with a video camera that I can borrow. Anyone? Beuller?

24. I think I should learn how to golf.

25. My life is blessed with an amazing crew of family and friends. Quality is better than quantity.