Sunday, April 10, 2011

bits of my weekend.

I read a lot of blogs. Well, at least I subscribe to a lot of blogs on my google reader. I don't always read everything. One the blogs I subscribe to is For Me, For You. After each weekend, Kate posts "Bits of My Weekend" and it includes photos from her weekend adventures. I feel like I might have shared this once already on my blog. Oh well. Instead of sharing pics I decided I should do some writing on this blog. Here's a recap of my weekend:

I left work early on Friday and took a little detour to the Emergency Room to meet up with Luke. Friend him on facebook and you can get the whole story. Bottom line, he is fine now and learned the hard way that you should take your vitamins one at a time.

Given the flurry of activity with the trip to the ER, Luke and I had a low key night hanging out with his parents and his sister Ali. I don't think I will ever tire of real fireplaces. Especially those that are in dining rooms. It's lovely.

Saturday morning was full of cleaning and laundry. Plus some time dividing up the contents of the kitchen with my roomie. It's sad to know that her moving day is getting closer and closer.

Luke and I spent some time at Caribou on Saturday afternoon and then made a trip to REI. I finally broke down and bought a very beautiful messenger bag. I can't wait to organize all of my stuff into the pockets! Don't worry, I didn't pay full price.

Alright, so if you live in the metro you know that the weather this weekend was incredible. Everyone was spending time outside and leaving their coats and jackets behind. We all survived the winter! What better way to spend a Saturday night than at a backyard campfire? Ahh... I didn't even care that my hair reeked of smoke when I went to bed that night. Bring on spring (and summer!)

Sunday morning I was up early and called Luke to get his butt outta bed. We took Bella for a run along the railroad tracks. Then it was flip flops and coffee outside of Bun of the Isles with the Sunday paper. See all that frosting above? That is pure heaven. Plus I had an incredible orange and strawberry scone.

After a trip to Trader Joe's Luke indulged me by helping me as I got my bike ready for the season. And by helping I mean, he watched as I directed him on ways he could help me. But really, I wouldn't let him do anything because I'm so anal about my bike. Man, my bike is really pretty!

Luke and I made a fabulous dinner together and then camped out on the couch to catch up on some episodes of Big Bang Theory. All in all, it was a good weekend. So very very good.

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