Saturday, October 09, 2010

a tasty pattern.

There is a great little pattern that has begun with a small contingency of girls who all work in public health, including myself. Sometime this summer we decided it would be a tasty idea for us to go to cupcake happy hours. Slowly we are making our rounds to the latest and greatest cupcake places in the metro. Here's a re-cap of where we've been so far:

Cupcake in St. Paul
Cake Eater in Minneapolis
Patisserie 46 in Minneapolis - no cupcakes here, just fancy desserts!
Sweets Bakeshop in St. Paul
A Piece of Cake in St. Paul

So far the favorite is Sweets Bakeshop. They even earned bonus points this summer by offering a real cupcake happy hour - complete with free cupcakes. Just this past week we went to A Piece of Cake where I tried the peanut butter cupcake:

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