Tuesday, July 28, 2009

14 things.

It's been awhile since I have done a post like this... Here are 15 things about me. Surf over to Jen Loves Kev to read her 15. Then post your own!

1. I started a photo club with two of my friends who are both named Sarah. The photo above is from our most recent outing. I love the spoonbridge!
2. I own three bicycles.
3. I love york peppermint patties.
4. I have two older sisters.
5. My friend Sarah and I started an etsy shop. Visit the shop by clicking here.
6. I planted some flowers in pots on my patio and I haven't been giving them much attention this summer. Surprisingly, they are still alive.
7. I haven't been camping yet this summer.
8. Green is my favorite color. This is obvious because I have SO many green things. Green bike, green purse, green bedroom, green luggage, and a new green pen!
9. My Grandma and I have the same birthday (and it's almost here!).
10. Soon, I'm going to be Aunt for the first time. I cannot wait to meet Eli Lenard Kramer.
11. I have a collection of spoons - the kind that are in tourist shops from the state you are visiting.
12. I'm very excited to go to a wedding this weekend.
13. I would like to learn calligraphy.
14. Right now I'm listening to the song Red and Purple by The Dodos. I like it.


Sarah said...

Great list! :)

Happy 11 month anniversary! Already that long? Time flies! I am so glad I finally got to meet him.

I like the name your sister and BIL picked out for the new baby.

Jennifer said...

very cute! Its so fun reading about others!! Happy anniversary!