Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Things.

Here's my list of 25 random things.... I also posted this on facebook.

1. I am always early. Always. This only means that I spend a lot of time waiting. I wish I could add up the time I spend waiting and use it for something fun.

2. I like to have plans.

3. Owning an airstream camper would be fun.

4. I don’t like to wear red.

5. I fell down a mountain at Glacier National Park. It’s still my favorite National Park and I want to go back there to camp.

6. I want to go to New York City for Thanksgiving. I want to see the parade and ice skate at Rockefeller Center.

7. I have a collection of 2 Dollar Bills. My Grandma used to send them to me for Valentine’s Day.

8. One time I drove a friend crazy with the song, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmitt. Sorry Krissy!

9. My memory is horrible. I don’t actually remember a lot from when I was little. I mostly remember things from pictures. My Mom has a really good memory.

10. I'm going on a trip to Washington, DC with about 40 other women this summer. We are taking a bus!

11. I would like to go on a bicycle trip across the United States. It would be great if I could get outside today for a ride. Is it summer yet?

12. I don’t use table salt on my food. If a recipe calls for salt I am likely to omit it completely.

13. My goals for 2009 include the word: simplify.

14. My roommate is always the big spoon.

15. I’m really excited to be an Aunt.

16. I ate meals outside this past weekend. I was in San Diego!

17. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is on the top of my list of parks to visit. It’s Kelly’s favorite park and I haven’t been there yet.

18. I like the fish fry from Ten Point Bar.

19. I have been rockin’ to Car Jams 2008 – a mix made by Leah.

20. I was born on my Grandma's birthday.

21. I like to recall the atmosphere of football practice in August: dewey grass, athletic tape, white paint, and videotaping from the roof of the equipment shed.

22. I just want to be happy.

23. I still need to find someone with a video camera that I can borrow. Anyone? Beuller?

24. I think I should learn how to golf.

25. My life is blessed with an amazing crew of family and friends. Quality is better than quantity.

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