Wednesday, July 16, 2008

true story

I'm in Wisconsin. It's hot and humid. The storm clouds have been building in the sky all morning so I make it back to the lovely dorms just before the big rain hits. The alarm system in the dorm announces we are under a severe thunderstorm warning. Then I'm on a conference call for work. The sky is progressively turning dark grey and the winds are picking up. Before I know it the alarms in the building are sounding. I assume - tornado warning - I excuse myself from the conference call and head to the basement.

I run in to a few others along the way. We find it odd that people are outside walking and it appears that the other buildings do not have a similar alarm sounding. So we go to the front desk and learn that it is in fact a fire drill. The fire department is on the way and "why didn't we evacuate sooner?"

Seriously? You are going to have a fire drill in the middle of severe weather? How does that make any sense? We all thought it meant tornado warning and proceeded to the basement. While waiting for the fire department to give the 'all clear' we got to stand out in the rain. Just lovely.

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Sarah said...

That got a laugh out loud from me! Some people just don't have the best planning skills. Good thing there really wasn't a tornado, that would be a little too scary.