Thursday, September 07, 2006


As I walked into the MN State Fairgrounds this year I had a song running through my head. I have only heard the song one time and it was all about the great Minnesota State Fair. It was performed by the house band at Big Top in the opening act before Gaelic Storm. First of all, it was weird to hear a MN State Fair song while I was in Wisconsin. Second, I'm annoyed that I cannot remember all of the clever lyrics.

It would be wrong to complete this post without any mention of food-on-a-stick. The Fair has everything from deep fried candy bars (on a stick) to teriyaki alligator (on a stick). So what was my stick of choice? A frozen banana dipped in chocolate. In Wisco we call them monkey tails and they are hand dipped upon ordering. In 'Sota they are pre-packaged and only come in chocolate. It still made me happy.

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